since 1966


We deliver health and peace of mind through physiotherapy equipment.


Corporate Data

Corporate Data

Company Name

Oshima Industries Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment

June 1, 1966


Naoki Oshima, President

Number of Employees

35 (as of May 2018)

Head Office

1-21-7, Matsushima, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0031 Japan


Phone: +81-3-3654-7205 Fax: +81-3-3655-8915


54 million yen


Osaka Factory, Kansai Office (Higashiosaka City), Nagoya Office, Fukuoka Office, Product Management Center (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)


Resona Bank Edogawa Minami Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Komatsugawa Branch

Accounting Period

Closing on April 30

Main Business Areas

1) Manufacturing, sale and repair of medical equipment (mainly physiotherapy equipment)
2) Sale of hygienic goods and medical supplies
3) Rental and sale of specified equipment covered by public aid (No. 1372301174)

Affiliated Companies

Heiwa Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Y.K. Medico Care Supply


Jun. 1966

Y.K. Oshima Seisakusho established (Sakuragi-cho, Chiba City)

Oct. 1969

Tokyo Factory opened (Matsue, Edogawa-ku)

May 1972

Kansai Office opened (Honjo, Higashiosaka City)

Jun. 1973

Relocated to Head Office building constructed in the current location (Matsushima, Edogawa-ku)

Sep. 1974

Reorganized into Oshima Industries Co., Ltd.

May 1979

Nagoya Office opened (Nishi-ku, Nagoya City)

Jun. 1979

Product Management Center and Tokyo Factory relocated (Matsue, Edogawa-ku)

Aug. 1979

Kansai Office (Osaka Factory) new building completed (Honjo, Higashiosaka City)

May 1982

Capital increased to 24 million yen

May 1986

Capital increased to 36 million yen

May 1988

Fukuoka Office opened (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)

Jul. 1992

Capital increased to 54 million yen

Sep. 1997

Invested 14.5 million yen in Heiwa Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jan. 2000

Y.K. Medico Care Supply established

Sep. 2000

Tokyo Factory closed

May 2002

Koriyama Office opened (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture)

Oct. 2002

Roller bed-type massager Imperial Symphony awarded a Good Design Award

Apr. 2008

Koriyama Office integrated into Head Office Sales Department