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Roller Bed type Massager

IMPERIAL Symphony TX-8800 / LX-7700

Electromagnetic compatibility

IMPERIAL Symphony LX-8800 / LX-7700

New Traction and Massage

Combination Bed System

  • A top-of-the-line massager transcending the conventional concept.
  • Air bag mechanism integrated into the bed provides an ideal lumbar massage.
  • Different modes including "Senior", "Gentle care" and "Soft knead" to meet a variety of massage needs.
  • Lower limb and lumbar vertical vibration therapy apply human body vibration theory to ensure effective deep site massage.
  • Light touch kneading (light petrissage function) avoids exposing elderly people and women to excessively strong stimulation.
  • Three types of traction therapy (cervical vertebrae/lumbar vertebrae/ankle) can be configured in a single program (TX-8800).
  • Air bag functions during lumbar traction to maintain an ideal traction position (TX-8800).
  • Split sliding bed and single-touch side braces employed (TX-8800).
  • Cervical vertebrae traction + air bag-type pillow linked together (TX-8800).
  • Ankle traction + air bag linked together (TX-8800).
Power Consumption 600 VA (with heater on) / 400 VA (with heater off)
Dimensions 2400 x 740 x 560 (W x D x H) mm
Console height: 1400 mm
Main Unit Weight TX-8800: 250 kg / LX-7700: 195 kg
Approval Number 22000BZX00957000

OSPINALATOR Frontier F-250 / F-150 / F-150S

OSPINALATOR Frontier F-250 / F-150 / F-150S

Evidence of Tradition and Expertise

Triple functions: petrissage and vibration in addition to the epicycle roller system.

  • Large three-forked rollers (for the upper body) move to loosen the muscles on the sides of the spine to increase the flexibility of the facet joints.
  • Small three-forked rollers (for the lower body) move to stimulate the milking action of the lower limb muscles and facilitate the venous return to the heart.

Consideration given to ease of use.

  • Therapy programs are rewritable.
  • Therapy program periods are changeable.
  • Treatment intensity is changeable even during operation.

Top-of-the-line model equipped with a cervical region massage mechanism especially for the neck and shoulders and the "Gentle care" program, a function recommended for the elderly and realizing enhanced safety and comfort.

  • Cervical region massage mechanism: A therapy plate with a special structure accommodates the delicate curves of the cervical region and performs precise petrissage including wringing and kneading.
  • "Gentle care" program: Performs light petrissage including light touch kneading with distributed pressure in order to relieve chest and back irritation.
Power Consumption 450VA (with heater on)
Dimensions F-250/150: 2120 x 760 x 570 (W x D x H) mm
Console height: 1050mm
F-150S: 2120 x 740 x 570 (W x D x H) mm
Console height: 1030mm
Main Unit Weight F-250:148 kg / F-150:140 kg / F-150S:134 kg
Approval Number 22000BZX00956000

*Specifications, dimensions, etc. are subject to change without notice.