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Thermal-magnetic Massage Device

NEO MAGTRON TM-3200 / TM-3400

NEO MAGTRON TM-3200 / TM-3400

Experience the Comfort of Magnetic Heat and Rhythmical Vibration

  • Thermal-magnetic massage device
  • Provides a comfortable experience using magnetic heat and rhythmical vibration.
  • Vibration mode (continuous vibration + intermittent vibration) applies rhythmical vibration to the affected area to further improve the hyperthermic effect.
  • Eight vibration blocks (standard electrodes) have been designed to individually vibrate to enhance the vibration energy.
  • Different types of electrodes (standard/neck + shoulder) are available to realize ideal thermotherapy.
Power Consumption TM-3200: 143 VA / TM-3400: 275 VA
Dimensions 510 x 300 x 330 (W x D x H) mm
Main Unit Weight TM-3200: 13.5 kg / TM-3400: 17.0 kg
Approval Number 21200BZZ00273000

*Specifications, dimensions, etc. are subject to change without notice.